Friday, January 9, 2015

Even though I'm a Quaker, I still observe the 12 days of Christmas on the liturgical calendar - mostly by procrastinating about taking down my decorations. But Epiphany and Olde Christmas are past so I'm finally out of excuses.

Since we live in an apartment I really didn't want to drag the thing up the stairwell and down the hall. Its pretty dry at this point and it would have ended up leaving half a Christmas tree's worth of pine needles for my neighbors to trip over and track into their homes. Our unit is only one story up so I decided to dump the thing off the balcony.

But its tricky - the neighbors below us don't like it when people above them dump stuff on their patio - so it involved attaching a guide rope and lowering the tree over the one corner of the balcony that doesn't overlap the patio below.

I feel like I've just successfully executed some complicated covert maneuver. "We have achieved Christmas Tree Extraction. Operation 'Drag it to the dumpster' is now a Go! Let's MOVE MOVE MOVE!"


And yes, my "Guide Rope" was in fact a dog leash. Theo was not amused. 

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