Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Self-washing cat

The apartment complex has to turn off our water supply for like 5 hours tomorrow for repairs or something. I wouldn't be surprised if a pipe burst somewhere in the blizzard on Monday. Having grown up in a house with a well, I know the protocol for situations like this.  We have several pitchers of water in the fridge and I filled up the tub for emergency washing and toilet flushing. Gilly treats the tub like his own personal jungle gym and saw no reason to stop just because it was full of icky water.

What is this watery disaster which has overtaken 
my domain? Is that a speck of dirt I see floating in
 this sea of madness?  I must murder it!

The results were as you might expect. 


It'll be interesting to see how long it takes him to decide to try sitting on the edge of the tub again.  Gilly is pretty bad at learning from his mistakes.  I give him 45 minutes. Tops. 


(15 minutes after posting)

Yeah, that didn't take long. *sigh*

 Don't judge me, hooman. 

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