Saturday, January 24, 2015

Things I saw today (Magfest Edition):

Life is much more fun when you treat it like a scavenger hunt with no list...

-About 10 men and women dressed as spiderman posing for a picture together

-An impromptu  techno dance party  including a Monty Python knight, a guy wearing a horse head, Skeletor, and an extremely talented young break dancer

-The CEO of one of my favorite game companies who wanted to buy a scarf and ask advice on being a vendor at Magfest  *blushes*

-A smattering of fascinating light up twirly thingies that apparently you're supposed to swing around while dancing?

-A man with a purple squid on his head


-A guy conducting a video interview using a smartphone and a selfie stick 

- No less than 6 men in skirts. Not kilts, not as cross dressers, but because they wanted to wear skirts. Because why the hell not? 

- A baby in a hand made metroid hat

-A really terrifying set of twins (you know who you are!)

-This sign 

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