Sunday, February 1, 2015

Life Lessons I have learned from playing way too much Civ V

Like many nerds, I play way too much of a computer game called Civilization V. Its a history based game where you play as a leader of one of many global civilizations and you can win based on global domination, scientific prowess, diplomacy, or culture. I highly recommend it - its got a lot of educational value. Honest! *wink*

1) When attempting to take over the world, it is first necessary to have a first rate interstate highway system.

2) Nice Dictators finish last.

3) Mahatma Ghandi is a bastard.

4) Beware of Germans bearing gifts.

5) Never underestimate the power of Fertilizer.

6) Ignore scientific advancement at your own peril.

7) Chopping down all your forests to achieve your short term goals is a really bad idea.

8) Its all fun and games until someone completes the Manhattan Project.

9) Don't use the city states as resources. Unless you WANT to get into a fight with every other country in the world at the same time.

10) Distance, not fences, makes good neighbors.

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